Extraordinary Healthcare Experience


Many companies are focused on delivering healthcare to patients in a more convenient manner and giving them easy access to their medical records. But few are focused on the industrial application of telemedicine like we are.  TeleMate’s focus is on the “last mile” of healthcare. Our goal is to extend specialty care, via novel telemedicine technologies, to hospitals in rural and tertiary markets.

Consumer Problem:

  • Limited Access to Specialty Healthcare in Non-Metro Areas
  • Urbanization and consolidation of the hospital industry has led to a migration of specialty medical services away from non-metro areas.
  • General Physicians and other non-specialized hospital staff today are tasked with diagnosing patients even though they may not be trained to recognize the indicia of a variety of serious conditions. Shortages of physicians in rural areas are high and increasing. While approximately 15% of the U.S. population lives in rural areas, only 10% of the nation’s physicians practice in rural areas


TeleMate GIVES the Primary Care Provider the Virtual Care Platform with the intent of charging for session usages. This gives the clinics no capital outlay to purchase the platform.  All session fees are charged against reimbursable events on the Virtual Platform. This Virtual Care Platform is designed to enhance the services of the local providers.  The TeleMate Virtual Care Platform is designed to assist in four specific areas Wellness Care, Specialty Care, Complex Care, and Home Health.

Product Offering

Wellness Care

Integrated Health Services

Specialty Care

TeleMate Virtual Clinic

Complex Care

Complex Care Services