Our Mission:

Virtual and mobile healthcare is more than innovative. It is our desire to deliver an individualized, quality healthcare alternative to the community. To minimize barriers, improve safety, and decrease hospitalizations, we are bringing healthcare to you.

Core Values:

  1. Patient centered healthcare: Passion in serving the needs of the community is our top priority and we believe in doing that to the best of our ability. We put patients first, meet them where they are, and create accessibility to healthcare with innovative IT solutions in order to manage and improve quality of life.
  1. Strong Partnerships-Through our hand-picked healthcare partners, we have created a team of trusting and caring individuals to provide the best possible care to the patients we service. We believe in transparency and open lines of communication for overall success.
  1. Company Culture-We believe there is no better working environment than a positive one. Employees are nurtured for success by strong leadership, challenging their skill set, allowing room for growth, and feeling valued and appreciated. The best companies set goals, work hard, and find ways to have fun.