Physician Office

Individualize patient care by choosing one or all of our marketplace solutions. “Contact us” to have a transitional care liaison assist in building a platform that’s right for you. 

Virtual Patient Visits    

TeleMate enables physicians to connect with patients from the comfort of their own home.  Our secure, HIPAA compliant platform allows physicians to review medical records, screen share pertinent patient data, and have a detailed conversation with patients and families to discuss diagnoses and treatment plans through any mobile device. TeleMate provides an easy-to-use patient intake with customizable forms, scheduling, documentation, imaging and analytics in a single platform. TeleMate allows for treatment of high acuity patients with optimal outcomes in a faster, safer virtual setting through reimbursable virtual physician visits.

Secure a remote patient visit through the platform of your choice:

  • TeleMate’s secure phone app
  • TeleMate tablet
  • Video and Audio installed to your current EMR cart system
  • TeleMate’s rolling cart customized to your needs

Behavioral Health Specialty Care

TeleMate’s platform provides access to behavioral health specialists for remote consultation services and screening. Physician offices can utilize the diagnostic testing evaluation, individualized comprehensive treatment plan, and progress tracking to add another level of expertise and advocacy regarding the patients’ healthcare needs. The primary physician will continue to oversee patient progress creating continuity of care and skilled, billable events.

Vitals Management

TeleMate’s vitals management solution allows remote monitoring of blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, weight, and blood glucose monitoring. It has a wireless, interactive, automated voice response system that is easy for patients to use. Data is sent remotely to the provider for early detection of a decline and easily exports to the patient’s EMR. TeleMate’s solution translates activities into automated billable events. With 20 minutes review time per month, physicians can track, trend and treat the chronic care patient, and increase revenue by up to $200.00 per month per patient.

TeleMate TV

Keeping patients engaged and active improves their overall health and positivity. Patients can become isolated and depressed, especially while adhering to social distancing throughout the COVID pandemic. With TeleMate’s platform, patients can access the following services on their television through voice activation (similar to Alexa) or via their own remote control:

  • Video calls with family and friends (up to 3 at a time)
  • Cognitive therapy through games
  • Engagement videos such as exercise classes or crafting classes
  • View their photo album
  • Medication reminders and alerts

*Games, activities, contact list, photos, and medication alerts and reminders are uploaded by the family members through an easy-to-use remote login. Utilize all the services, or individualize to your choosing.

Mobile pharmacy                                                                                                                                         

Many senior adults have physical disabilities making them unable to drive, or a pharmacy may be a long distance from the patient’s home. TeleMate’s marketplace offers a solution to mobilize pharmacy services, delivering medications right to the patient’s door. Physicians can order prescriptions through our easy-to-use portal, boosting patients’ access to fast, convenient pharmaceutical care.

Language Translation Line   

Our TeleMate platform offers USCIS-approved language assistance from certified translators through video calls on any mobile device. Accurate and professional interpretation, translation, and transcription are available in 27 languages, including sign language. Accurate communication will improve patient care in any healthcare setting.

Facility Services
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