What Our Patients and Clients Say About Us

Philip W. Hunt, MD

I wholeheartedly recommend their RPM services to any medical practice seeking to enhance patient outcomes and streamline clinical work flows.

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Scott B (patient)

The Get Fit Program through TeleMate Health has empowered me to take charge of my health. I've maintained my weight, my blood pressure is under control, and I feel more energetic than ever. This program has been an absolute game changer.

Pam (patient)

I had to sit down and reevaluate my life and my health issues. I made the decision to go forward and not backwards. I owe a lot of my staying on task to TeleMate Health.

J. Watkins (patient)

I'm glad we are your patients that benefit from this!! My husband and I grew up in the fifties when doctors and nurses made house calls! Now we have that same personal approach from YOU by long distance!

Michael McClellan, NP

I am a primary care provider for elderly, homebound patients and I have been using TeleMate Health for remote patient monitoring for two years. It has been a blessing to both me and my patients. I am able to easily monitor my patient's vital signs from the comfort of their home. No more excuses of white coat syndrome! TeleMate Health is prompt at contacting me if my patient's vital signs are outside the parameters that I have set. The referral process is simple and their website is easy to navigate to review vital signs. The staff that sets up the equipment are friendly, knowledgeable and take their time to train the patient and family how to properly use the equipment I have ordered. They are a great partner and have made taking care of elderly patients at home much easier. I would highly recommend them for chronic care management or remote patient monitoring.

Judy (patient)

I always feel so grateful to have a nurse and a friend that genuinely cares and truly tries to put positive thoughts into my mind that I can get through any situation if I put my mind to it.

"It helps a LOT that I have a company that encourages us to take the time to get to know our clients, not to be rushed, and NEVER feel the need check a box and move on."

Dana Colie, LPN