Remote Patient Monitoring for

Medicare & Medicare HMO Patients

Over 88 percent of hospitals and health systems are utilizing Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) technologies for their Medicare patients. In 2020, there was a rapid expansion of RPM as providers looked for effective means of delivering virtual patient care through the height of the pandemic.

What is Remote Patient Monitoring?

Remote patient monitoring uses digital technologies to collect medical and other forms of health data from individuals in their homes and electronically transmit that information securely to health care providers in a different location for assessment and recommendations. The physiologic data is used to develop and manage a treatment plan related to a chronic and/or acute health illness or condition.




RPM Service: At TeleMate Health, we value the care and attention given to patients. With the high demands of healthcare and growing staffing shortage, TeleMate Health offers a turn-key solution to improve patient care between office visits, decrease patient hospitalizations, and augment the care given across the healthcare continuum. Allow our specialized team to be an extension of yours. With no out-of-pocket cost to the healthcare providers or the patients, our highly qualified team offers a turn-key service to provide remote vital sign monitoring, education, and communication to patients, while eliminating operational burdens to the current healthcare staff.

TeleMate Health devices include: Pulse Oximeter, Scale, Glucometer,

Blood Pressure Cuff, Spirometer, and Thermometer

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Device 5
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For patients, it's as easy as plugging in the SmartHub.

When remote patient monitoring is requested, TeleMate Health will deliver the SmartHub and supporting devices directly to the patient.  When the patient receives their devices, they simply plug the SmartHub into a wall outlet. No need to download an app. No need to synch anything. The SmartHub does it all and it works on a cellular network NO internet connection is required.

  • Wireless/Bluetooth monitoring system
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Equipment shipment, set-up and continuous IT support
  • Collection and transmission of reliable and valid physiologic data
  • Monitoring and management by TeleMate Health's nursing staff
  • Alerts for readings outside parameters
  • Direct, real-time interactive communication with the patient
  • Patient education and reminders
  • Provides early detection of health issues
  • Provides important feedback increasing adherence
  • Provides actionable data for better health outcomes
  • Proven to improve outcomes and lower the cost of care


Extending Quality Patient Care Across the Healthcare Continuum


Creating a discharge plan to home is so important, and we know it can be challenging. Patients’ leaving an acute care facility need an added level of service to ensure healing still continues at home. Allow us to equip your patients with tools that promote independence, but still provide the level of care needed.

  • Decrease hospital readmissions

  • Daily track and trend vital signs for an accurate view of the patients’ health and recovery

  • Collaborate with patients’ current healthcare providers: PCP, specialists, living facility, home health care

  • Work in conjunction with home health, or a stand-alone benefit 

  • Educate on new diagnoses and medications

  • Decrease the cost of patient care

Assisted & Independent Living

We know every patient is different and the needs vary within the facility. Our TeleMate team is focused on communicating with each community individually and to the preference of the staff and residents. We understand the challenges and time constraints of being multi-faceted, so let us help you.

  • Capture daily weights of residents with CHF

  • Monitor Oxygen levels of COPD patients and those who are O2 dependent

  • Address adverse vital signs before they become acute disasters

  • Avoid hospitalizations and keep residents at home, where they want to be

Primary Care & Specialty Groups

A lot can happen between office visits. Are the prescribed medications effective, are there adverse side effects, does a medication need to be increased? Allow us to remove the wonder, and replace it with facts that will give you better insight into your patients’ health.

  • Utilize only vital sign peripherals appropriate to the patient

  • Send monthly reports to the physician showing the tracking and trends of vital sign readings

  • Communication from our specialized RPM service team when vital signs continue to exceed parameters

  • Compile monthly monitoring reports and CPT codes, ready for physician office billing and earned revenue


Home Health

When insurance dictates limited patient visits, TeleMate Health  can provide the additional care needed.

  • Track and trend vital signs

  • Provide an added layer of daily education and support

  • Offer collaboration between TeleMate Health’s virtual care and home health’s hands-on care to give the patient a heightened level of guidance.

  • Continue even after home health goals are met, if needed

Hospice & Palliative Care

Focusing on end of life, prioritizing comfort, and reducing pain and suffering are paramount. At moments when the patients can’t always express themselves, vital sign monitoring offers evidence to the care that’s needed in that moment.

  • Enable the patient or caregiver to monitor vital signs throughout the day

  • Communicate changes in vital signs to the Hospice nurse for actionable care

  • Provide an added level of comfort to the patient and family

TeleMate Health’s Specialized RPM Service Team

Transition and Implementation

Initial patient contact, education of RPM and benefits of the service, utilizing the devices properly, this team is available to answer any questions as patients adapt to their new program.

Nurse Practitioner

Our Providers are the next line of defense. Once patients are triaged by their nurse, any issues or abnormal readings are escalated to the nurse practitioner for further evaluation. If medication changes are warranted, our NP team connects with the patients’ primary provider to establish a plan and promote continued continuity of care and communication.



This team is passionate about safety. Assessing daily weight is crucial in the care of some patients. Through education and on-screen visualization, scale safety is covered, reviewed, and achieved.



Our knowledgeable and caring nurses are always eager to help. We want our patients to have continuity of care with their personal nurse. Our nursing staff offers individualized patient health and medication education, vital sign assessment, and continued patient communication and availability.


Our technology support center is just a phone call away for any issues or concerns that may arise.

Building Patient Loyalty & Maximizing Value-Based Care


Grow ancillary services within your practice. NO upfront or ongoing cost, NO equipment to purchase and NO staff to hire! TeleMate Health will bill the practice monthly for it's fee-for-service. Contact us for more details.


TeleMate Health can perform a risk stratification that identifies medium to high-risk candidates for acute exacerbations or hospitalization. Our solution provides patient onboarding, device setup, patient monitoring, ongoing patient communication and RPM clinical documentation.


Monthly reports with patient data and RPM CPT codes are sent to the physician's office to easily submit to CMS for reimbursement, leaving no out-of-pocket charges to the patient or physician.