Remote Patient Monitoring for Medicare & Medicare HMO patients

TeleMate Health's Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Platform provides an excellent opportunity to improve patient care between office visits, decrease patient hospitalizations with a direct reimbursement to the physican.


Grow ancillary services within your practice. NO upfront or ongoing cost, NO equipment to purchase and NO staff to hire! TeleMate Health will bill the practice monthly for it's fee-for-service, generating an average NET PROFIT to the practice of $50 per month per patient.


TeleMate Health can perform a risk stratification that identifies medium to high-risk candidates for acute exacerbations or hospitalization. Our solution provides patient onboarding, device setup, patient monitoring, ongoing patient communication and RPM clinical documentation.


Monthly reports with patient data and RPM CPT codes are sent to the physician's office to easily submit to CMS for reimbursement, leaving no out-of-pocket charges to the patient or physician.

Supporting Devices

Supporting devices are used to measure daily vital signs. The physician chooses the devices and sets parameters. Alerts are triaged and communicated from the nurse to the physician when needed.


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TeleMate's TURNKEY Solution for Providers

Over 88 percent of hospitals and health systems are utilizing Remote Patient Monitoring technologies for their Medicare patients. In 2020, there was a rapid expansion of RMP as providers looked for effective means of delivering virtual patient care through the height of the pandemic.  RPM involves the collection and analysis of patient physiologic data that is used to develop and manage a treatment plan related to a chronic and/or acute health illness or condition.

  • Wireless/Bluetooth monitoring system

  • HIPAA compliant

  • Equipment shipment, set-up and continuous IT support

  • Vital sign parameters set according to physician order

  • Collection and transmission of reliable and valid physiologic data

  • Monitoring and management by TeleMate Health's nursing staff

  • Direct, real-time interactive communication with the patient

  • Patient education and reminders

  • Alerts for reading outside parameters daily and trending

  • Evaluation and communication of irregular data to physician

  • Track and trend reports sent monthly to physician

  • Automatic time tracking system

  • Monthly billing report with patient data and CPT codes


COVID Planning & Your Practice

With COVID cases on the rise, remote patient monitoring and our COVID-19 monitoring program are a great way to make sure your patients' medical needs are being met in the home.

In 2020, home health care lost thousands of patients to fear of clinicians entering their homes, and physician offices saw a significant decrease in patient visits. This resulted in less patient oversight and lost revenue. 

Remote patient monitoring is a gap-bridging solution to ensure patients continue to have healthcare from the safety of their home and physicians can continue to provide oversite and generate revenue.